Whilst the rules have changed for allowed colours to be worn at GNAS tournaments, we still like to have a prefered uniform for our members.

Its not compulsory, but does look great when we are all in harmony on the shooting line.

Around 2010 we registered our club ciolour with Archer GB as bright orange, however this soon turned out to be a little impractical (they faded very quickly) so we reverted to our original choice of plain white polo shirts with the club logo on the right breast.

For the spring 2016 we are introducing a small optional change. Still predominantly white, but moving to a more modern sports top, with no collar, lightweight material and the logo as usual on the right breast, but also the club name on the reverse (While on the shooting line, archers have their back to the onlookers, making it difficult to pick out our archers from others in the traditional white)

The cost is about £19.00 per shirt