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The following note was created by one of the original members of the club, but unfortunately we don't have an official author to attribute it to. It is suspected that it was created by Dawn who is named in the article.

Cymric Archers (The story so far .....)

June 1997

A group of people who enjoy the sport of archery decided that the local Leisure Centre did not fulfill their requirements and so decided to start a new archery club.

With the help of a local G.N.A.S Archery coach [unnamed, but we suspect it is Mike Dunce] this happy band (Jan L, Jan R, Marcus, Babs and Dawn) set in motion a chain of events that lead to the birth of Cymric Archers.

The club started in October 97 with all the members joining G.N.A.S, S.W.A.S and Dyfed A.A. and initially shot in a farm field with a 25mtr strip of land, one foam boss and a borrowed net. We then applied for a Sports Development Grant from Carmarthenshire C.C. and after a lot of hard work (phew --- the paperwork!!) from the famous 5 and the sports development officer Mr Mike Bell we received a grant that was most welcome.          Look out World, here we come!

Shooting in a field in the height of summer in Wales, bliss---, we now had to look for an indoor venue, and look, and look (douple ------------PHEW).

At last we find a 25mtr indoor hall in a local school, but at what cost £13.50 per HOUR (convulsions of the wallet), but we were happy (broke, but happy).

Heard this story before?

The hunt continues and low and behold we found an affordable indoor venue with a KITCHEN and TOILETS and CENTRAL HEATNG.

And the first winter we shoot in this lovely hall ------ but wait! What is this? Other people have heard of this new club and have decided to come and try this sport, young and not young (P.C. !!) and so grows the club, the 5 become 11, then others come as visitors (which we welcome) and soon we have 20 odd (yes some are) members. Summer arrives its time for a tournament and off we all trot with lots of teeth gnashing and cries of I'm not ready for this! And what a great time was had by all and cries of when's the next one! . The hunt resumes for an out door venue and after nush hard work for the 5 (not a committee as we involve all members on all decisions) elders? We find an area in a local Country Park and with the help of the Chief Ranger Neil Perry we have a great place to shoot. we are still looking at the Ski Slope that is in the park to do some Ski / Archery (Ha -- Ha).


June 1998

Some bright spark decides that its about time we invade England, so a scouting party is assembled disguised as tourists complete with campers, and tents and we sneak out of Wales and into England and infultrate a quiet place called Dunster. If you have never been to Dunster Week then you do not know what you are missing, we were welcomed with open arms and had such a great time on and off the tournament field we forgot to invade England and we all went home (with several meadls and a lot of new friends) and a promise that we would be welcomed back in 99

Back home in Wales we go to some more Tournaments to collect some more Medals (and raffle prizes) and enjoy ourselves. Have you heard of Aprie Ski

Well guess what we have Aprie Archery (off to teh pub !!). Now the winter has returned and the indoor season with several trips to Tournaments in England, Wales, more medals (and raffle prizes) and a great amount of FUN.

To be continued .............



Note that Jan L and Jan R refer to Left-handed shooter Jan (stringer) and Right-handed shooter Jan (Rangecroft later Dunce)